I remember the day each of you placed your trust in HHK Healthcare Marketing to support your business growth plans. With excitement we dove into your service line, partnered with your leadership and staff, and wrapped ourselves in your mission of caring for those in need. The good works each of you do makes what we do in support of you so meaningful. More than a job, it is a calling. We don’t work with just anyone, we only throw our team’s creative energy and robust skill mix behind true healthcare heroes.

This year more than ever has reminded all of us of the importance of lifting up your mission and vision. Thank you for letting us continue to be a part of that, and congratulations for thriving in a pandemic. It took guts, fortitude, patience, and true compassion for your staff and the patients you serve.

Did you figure out how to care for immune-suppressed patients safely while they battled cancer as COVID-19 threatened and grew? Check. Did you fling your arm out to be the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine regardless of possible unknown side effects? Yes. Did you show up the next day to swab noses in the drive-through despite the sunburned imprint of a mask on your face and the promise of another 100-degree heat index day? Yep. How about showing up to work to answer massive amounts of phone calls and absorb the unpleasant and challenging patients with patience and knowledge that they feared the unknown while being 50% understaffed? Check that box for so many of you.

We see you. We see how you reinvented your healthcare delivery system to accommodate patients safely. We see you and are so very proud to count you among our valued HHK client family. With love, respect, and admiration, your marketing team.