In business, as in life, there are crossroads. As HHK Healthcare Marketing Specialists approaches our 20 year anniversary, the decision point in both business and life converge. As the owner, I feel pride and reflection about this upcoming milestone. It was not a solo journey. The many accomplishments and gritty perseverance have been a testament to the people who contributed to HHK’s success along the way. I’ve always believed that separating personal and business life is an impossible tactic. You spend way too much of your life on your career choice. They go hand in hand, and can not be mutually exclusive. The only decision is to throw caution to the wind and love fiercely those members of your team. In turn, the hope is they will feel empowered and inspired to grow. Amazing clients and team members alike have, and continue to, blaze paths for better healthcare delivery.

So what did it mean when the Allman Brothers came back after nine years of not recording and sang Seven Turns? Quite literally it meant they were at a crossroads.

The title, Seven Turns, refers to a Navajo belief that there are seven times in life that you must make a decision that determines your life path. Taking the wrong path means you must either backtrack or stay on the road to ruin. Heavy stuff.

But, how fitting all the same, that I find HHK at a crossroads as we fast approach our 20th year. Lean in and grow, widen the team and client circle? Stay the course? We’ll keep you posted. Having the choice is a blessing enough in all this relentless, well-worn uncertainty. For that I am grateful. For now, I am open to somebody calling my name.