Physician Liaison Marketing: The Key to Patient Acquisition

If a patient needed to see a specialist, they would ask their primary physician for a recommendation or referral. Doctors and specialists are constantly looking for more referrals. This is probably their biggest marketing goal. This is where our physician liaisons play a critical role in your healthcare marketing initiatives and growing your practice.

Our physician liaisons demonstrate strong interpersonal, communication, and public speaking skills as they represent you and bridge the communication gap between referring doctors and specialty physicians. Our priority is not to circulate brochures and pamphlets, but to build resourceful relationships between your medical practice and the referring physicians.

We promote your services, physicians and marketing efforts. We educate existing and potential referral sources about the unique benefits of your practice. We tie growth goals to a strategic plan that prioritizes outreach activities. Our liaisons create a spreadsheet to capture vital information to track progress and conduct regular meetings with clients to go over the report.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

Where Art Is A Science

Health related organizations are different from other service industries. The inherent mission of caring for the health and well being of patients sets both clinicians and the services they deliver apart.

The One & Only

HHK is the only Carolina-based firm specializing solely in healthcare marketing. We pride ourselves on remaining focused and providing excellent service to only a select number of clients.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is to combine expert knowledge, old-fashioned hard work, and reasonable rates to reach creative solutions that generate a return on your investment.

We at Rhett Women’s Center have worked with Hunter and her team for years. We chose them because they specialize in medical marketing. They are professional, innovative, and are always one step ahead of us. This allows our providers to do what they do best: practice medicine. We would not have been as successful in all areas of our practice without the help of HHK.

Sally Rhett, Rhett Women's Center

HHK is not just a marketing firm for Physician’s Plan, they are part of the team! We don’t fit in a box and they don’t try to put us in one. Over the years our game plan has stayed fluid and dynamic to match the flow of our growing offices. Each move we make is strategic and consistently measured to ensure we stay on track and keep reaching and passing our goals.

Kim Uyak, Director of Operations, Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

What truly sets HHK apart from other agencies is their drive to understand all aspects of our business.

Jennifer Jones, Regional Director, Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness