HHK Healthcare Marketing Specialists

Health related organizations are different from retail, sales, and other service industries. The inherent mission of caring for the health and well being of patients sets both clinicians and the services they deliver apart. HHK Healthcare Marketing Specialists understand the nuances of healthcare marketing. We have worked in the field. HHK is the only Carolina-based firm specializing solely in healthcare marketing. We pride ourselves on remaining focused and providing excellent service to only a select number of clients. Our commitment to our clients is to combine expert knowledge, old-fashioned hard work, and reasonable rates to reach creative solutions that generate a return on your investment.

About Us

HHK prides itself on remaining flexible and responsive to client needs and workload volumes – able to staff up or down as projects present themselves. We have on hand a seasoned team well suited to working either independently to create and implement your branding and marketing strategy, or as consultants to develop the strategy, then guide and assist your internal marketing department towards accomplishing the objectives.


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