This time of the year is typically a mixed bag of emotions. Gratitude and joy combine with end-of-year pressures to complete work and home tasks. None of us would have asked for 2020, but we’ve learned a lot about what is important from having lived it. Focusing on the bright spots in the year provides the necessary tonic for this cloyingly persistent pandemic. Move over shutdowns and partisan potshots, here’s HHK’s top 25 gratitude and joy 2020 list (a collective effort).

We are thankful for:

  1. Our team of supportive uplifting women conquering the healthcare marketing scene.
  2. Our amazing clients that trust us with their marketing needs and creative strategies.
  3. Baby “Bob” and Lindsay in a bubble.
  4. Bexley visits.
  5. God.
  6. My blended work and home family. “Mom!!!!”
  7. Puppy snuggles and bark alarms for packages. Compliments of Lexi, the best co-worker, and Annabelle, our favorite part-timer.
  8. Sing-Alongs.
  9. Pregnancy announcements.
  10. A work-family that’s been supportive of my pregnancy during the craziest time.
  11. Surviving my first year of being a mom to a healthy, smart & kind baby girl – and her baby brother on the way.
  12. The OGs, “Hearts and Bubbles” & “Sassy Pants.”
  13. Pajama days.
  14. Working in an industry that allowed me to keep my job during a pandemic when so many lost theirs.
  15. Cinnamon crackers and hidden candy cabinets (sorry Lea).
  16. Our newest team member, Julia, and her can-do spirit!
  17. Frank.
  18. Toilet paper stockpiles and wi-fi that works (pandemic world problems).
  19. Mastering the Keurig (Julia). Mastering the vegetable garden (Hunter + Rebekah).
  20. Caroline’s magical ways to open doors in the field despite the shutdown.
  21. Team get-togethers.
  22. The daily Vitamin C clementine.
  23. My new office! (Rebekah’s hot box)
  24. Crushing Google’s algorithm (Alex) and Facebook’s crazy approval process (Lindsay).
  25. Growing stronger as a team. *The team keeping on keeping on, even when it was hard. During COVID we have all worked together for a common good.