It’s noisy out there. Everyone is trying to be heard. In a culture where 30 seconds is the attention span and listening is a lost art, your message is likely to become white noise. Cut through the distant, constant clanging of media with something your audience wants to hear. Sounds simple. Find your audience and hit them with:

  1. An “aha” moment.
  2. A memorable, repeatable creative visual.
  3. An easy, less than 15 seconds of energy expended, way to engage.

You must offer your audience a moment of insight. Tricky, because you don’t have time to drone on about it or explain. It has to hit them. Smack them. The VERY best way to know what that “aha” moment will be is to know, inside and out, your brand. Why would you, when chatting at your Supper Club, recommend the organization you are setting out to the market to the mass media to your close friend? Some examples of successful messaging:

  • The Price Message = $300 versus $3000. Did you make the right choice?
  • The Compassion Message = We believe that caring starts with truly listening.
  • The Expert Message = Prevention is a Bright idea. Dr. Bright McConnell
  • The Locally Owned Message = Neighbors You Know. Doctors You Trust.
  • The Appointment Message = Get it Right the First Time with a Free Second Opinion.
  • The Result Message = Win the Weight War by Killing 25% of the Enemy Forever. Freeze the Fat. Win the Battle. Pretty Cool.
  • The Educate Them Message: 3D Mammography Saves Lives. Don’t Let Cancer Hide.

In all of the above examples, the message strikes a cord that reaches the ears of the right audience. Music to your ears is the resulting increase in volume and revenue. Your message can be derived from finding out from patients (or customers) why they choose the provider (or organization). Ask your customers. They will tell you. Or, have a third party ask them. Just the act of asking the customer why you were their first choice is a marketing strategy called retention. But that’s another post altogether.