Project Brief

Goal: Create new revenue generators during COVID-19.
Results: Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness is able to “keep its doors open” for new and current patients.

During unprecedented times, creativity and agility are essential to keep our clients seeing their patients. We worked with Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness to create multiple viable options for the team to continue seeing and obtaining new patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We implemented a curbside, same-day pick-up service so patients can order food or skincare products online from each center. To accomplish this, our team built an eCommerce platform on PPWLW’s site to accommodate patients’ orders and track incoming revenue.

Following the CDC guidelines on social distancing, we transformed patient care into different levels of virtual weight loss. The virtual weight loss plans purchased on the eCommerce site allowed providers to communicate with new or current patients to keep weight loss journeys intact during the pandemic.

Our team spearheaded a closed Facebook group to establish a sense of community and support for the patients. This strategy was important because we know from past PPWLW weight loss patients that the constant support they received from their team of cheerleaders was what made all the difference. The closed Facebook group allows the PPWLW team to continue to cheer on their patients with motivational videos, check-ins, recipes, at-home exercises, and more. The support of the PPWLW team did not waiver during this pandemic.

All these new service options were supported with display, search, video and social campaigns to raise awareness. Despite these strategies being implemented to pivot operations among a pandemic, they will remain and continue to expand.

Campaign Deliverables