Working in healthcare translates to recommending top notch providers to friends, family and colleagues frequently. What should you look for in a provider? “Googling” someone to learn more about their skill set, credibility and reputation is now the standard first step. Less than a decade ago one relied primarily on “asking around” to people who had either used the provider’s services or knew of a caregiver through their social network. Neither of these strategies are incorrect. After you have skimmed the website and stalked the social pages of your specialty of interest/need, consider these tried and true benchmarks to make your decision.

  1. Board certification or other relevant credentials
  2. Expertise in your specific area of need
  3. Length of time and/or strength of volume the provider has for your specific diagnosis or treatment
  4. Good standing with the medical board without multiple prior malpractice suits
  5. Location of practice, affiliation with surgery centers, hospitals or other multidisciplinary care teams
  6. Healthgrades, vitals, and Web MD reviews
  7. Social media and website content that supports the area of expertise needed
  8. Culture of the office and support staff
  9. Experience at your initial consultation (did you feel heard?)
  10. Trust your intuition. If your fears are eased, you feel educated on your illness/issue/symptoms and next steps, a treatment plan is established, and your doctor and their support team are capable and compassionate, you have likely chosen well.

Providers You Should Know:

Adore Fertility
Jeris Cox, MD, FACOG

Kotary Robotic Implant Center
Eddie Kotary, DMD

Essential Aesthetics
Ashley Davis, Medical Aesthetician

Charleston Oncology
David Ellison, MD
George Geils, Jr, MD
Charles Holladay, MD, FACP
Ashley Jeter, MD
George Keogh, MD
Brian Lingerfelt, MD
Douglas Michaelsen, MD
James Orcutt, MD
Gene Saylors, MD
Julia Saylors, MD
Shelly Shand, MD

Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness
Christopher DiOrio, MD
David Smith, MD
Khanh Eagle, MD

Lowcountry Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine
James McCoy, Jr, MD (emeritus)
James Spearman, MD
David Jaskwhich, MD
Adam Schaaf, MD
David Johannesmeyer, MD

Don Stovall, Jr, MD
Christopher Battista, MD

Pain Management
Shailesh Patel, MD
Christopher Merrell, MD

Hip & Knee
Richard Zimlich, MD
Eric Stem, MD

Keith Santiago, MD
Patterson Owings, MD

Foot & Ankle
William Corey, MD

Charleston Sports Medicine and FitMed Partners
Bright McConnell, III, MD
Amanda Riley, DPM, MPH

Rhett Women’s Center
Dr. Edmund Rhett, OBGYN, Founder
Dr. David Smith, OBGYN
Dr. Allison Smith, Anesthesiologist