Project Description

Project Brief

Goal: Strategically redesign client’s website to rise in SEO rankings by creating keyword-led content & create an action-oriented, user-friendly website experience to increase conversions and data tracking; increase patient volume

Results: Magnolia Endocrinology’s website organically ranks on top-page results and produces audience intel to tailor messaging and digital campaigns

Magnolia Endocrinology opened during a global pandemic, but that wasn’t its only obstacle garnering attention to attract new patients. Unfortunately, its website wasn’t registering with Google to include the business in pertinent search phrases for patient’s to know of its existence and expertise. HHK’s website design team overhauled the site:

  1. Implementing SEO best practices through keyword research, technical expertise, and content marketing resulting in a ranking soar among search results;
  2. Placing plentiful call-to-actions throughout the website to engage website visitors;
  3. Incorporating authentic photography of physicians, staff, and the office, as well as professional video interviews with physicians for a personal feel;
  4. Expanding its service pages to include critical content for Google to crawl and register; and,
  5. Embedding conversion tracking to measure performance, in particular its paid search campaign.