Project Description

Project Brief

Goal: Earn media placement to update the community and patients on clients’ latest safety precautions during COVID-19
Result: Gained our clients’ exposure with broadcast news interviews & other mediums

Our HHK public relations team worked its connections and demonstrated dexterity in keeping the media outlets and community informed of our clients’ constantly evolving safety practices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It was crucial to get the message out of how our clients were diligently working to keep the community, their patients, and their staff safe.

HHK conducted routine media outreach on our clients’ behalf to land interviews with local television stations to broadcast in their newscasts. This was beneficial because our clients were positioned as experts within a piece of credible news and also ratings (eyeballs) were high with an uptick in news consumption. We also worked with one of the most well known medical publications in the community to deploy e-newsletter updates; and submitted open for business listings on local media vendor’s websites and open for business commercials.

News Coverage